Women’s Health Center of Arrowhead Community Hospital


The new Women’s Health Center that was being built at Arrowhead Community Hospital needed to create visibility and educate prospective patients about the new Center and all of the services being offered. No one knew it existed or why they should care.

Our Solution:

We created a friendly and warm brand that was attractive to our audience, sent materials out to patients, kept them informed with a newsletter and invited them to events. At the end of the first year we invited patients who had used the Center to a thank you dinner. Each attendee was interviewed and photographed for an ad campaign for the next year. Our success was in the feedback and testimonials these women gave us. They proved we had been successful in all of our goals.

Scope of Work:

  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity
  • Newsletter
  • Collateral & Direct Marketing Materials
  • Advertising

Women’s Health Center of Arrowhead Community Hospital – Glendale, Arizona

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