BL CEMB is located in Lake Como, Italy where it is well known in Europe as BL Systems. They market an extensive line of tire changing and balancing equipment. While the equipment is excellent, it was unknown in the US.

Our Solution:

We developed a marketing campaign that included public relations, direct mail, trade magazine ads, product specification sheets and a significant trade show presence at AAPEX, a popular aftermarket garage equipment show. These efforts were so successful that the company was forced to temporarily put the campaign on hold in order to catch up with the production orders and inquiries. (See reference below.)

Scope of Work:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Marketing Specification Sheets
  • Public Relations Campaign
  • Postcard Campaign
  • Trade Show Display
Letter of Reference

BL Cemb is a manufacturer of equipment for the auto industry. This reference letter is from one of the leadership of the company.

It has been my pleasure to work with Cricket Bo of The Cricket Contrast for several years. Cricket and her staff have proven their excellent skills to me, in establishing product and company brand identity.

In particular, I contracted her company to do both things for the USA division of an Italian manufacturing company I had the responsibility of establishing a market share for in North America.

The products and company were well recognized outside of North America for product quality and innovation.  The North American Company was established under an unrelated name and was given a product to market that did not carry the worldwide label.

Cricket was very clever in her approach to the project.  She developed a campaign that, while not using the parent company’s brand label, built on its reputation for quality and product innovation for the North American operation and its products. Her efforts provided us with the tools to grow from an unknown company and product to an industry leader in North America.

Within three years of launching our campaign we were manufacturing products and product kits for the OEM market, (our competitors), without giving up our company identity or product labels. This enabled us to continue doing business with the markets distribution channels and coexist along side of our major competitors.

Sincerely yours,

Roby Edwards