Number 1, years of experience. There are many companies out there who are espousing that they are a branding firm but do not have the skill set and knowledge base to back it up. Number 2, the number of companies you have helped brand themselves or rebrand their existing brand, Number 3, experience with Fortune 500 hundred companies, publicly traded companies, international and government entities. You speak their speak which is a language few understand.
– Teri James, owner PR firm

Boutique firm that offers personalized service.  Very responsive.  As high quality as bigger shops, but not a ton of overhead.
– Rhian Evans Allvin, owner Brecon Group, Executive Director of First Things First

Your drive for perfection is relentless. Your talent for having a creative eye is un-paralleled. Your professionalism and integrity is one-of-a-kind. Your process to deliver results is world class. The quality you deliver is second to none. You are fun and very enjoyable to work with.
– Richard Bear, owner Brown Bear Studios

It isn’t hard to encapsulate 12 years of working with Cricket. What I value the most, even now, is her ability to see the infinite possibilities in any project. She draws the creative people we work with along to be more than we ever thought we could be. I am valued in the co-creative process and she always challenges me to think outside the box. She encourages constant learning and I find she is always stretching me beyond what I can do or know or create.
– Kelly Isola, Isola Ink

My first thought is that you really dive deep, and are thorough in “mind mapping” a client’s intentions (or mission) with their company, to create the best branding and marketing for them. This inspires new and different directions you never thought possible. Designing without limits…
Another thing I always felt is that you really CARE about your clients success in their business, and not just focusing on your own success with the graphics.
– Becky Ankeny, designer

Diversity of resources. You don’t depend on “in-house” talent. You go where the talent is when and where needed. Richness of collective thinking to analyze problems and solutions with virtual staff. Your team is fast. You move forward quickly and efficiently and get the job done so the client can benefit from the counsel and creative process as soon as possible. I think you are different than other marketing companies because …
You think through a solution from all angles, meaning that you are not singly focused on providing just one way to communicate i.e. a newsletter, you look at the organization’s objectives and see how they can reach their target audiences on the most effective levels whether through their processes, in person communication, marketing materials, etc. You are fast and agile. You get things done quickly and can bring together the right people for each project.
– Josephine Morris, owner Sprout Strategies

The best, bar none, the most professional and complete creative projects have been designed by you and your staff. The research that you do on every angle from correct and legal verbiage, patent infringements, to focusing mission and company objectives in order for the consumer to get their message is invaluable.
– Water Resources International, Inc.

I think your commitment to REALLY get people’s industries and do a thorough job with people providing what you see they will need. I am clear you didn’t relate to us as ‘just another job’.
– Juli Hall, co owner AWE Dynamics, founder Cherish Our Children International

Tlaquepaque is back on the map! I truly believe that our positive growth can be attributed to the new logos and new marketing pieces developed by The Cricket Contrast. Through your designs and finished products I have learned that every detail is important in completing the vision. You and your staff have gone above my expectations, I value your knowledge and your creativity.
– Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, Sedona, AZ

Your ability to transform our technical data into attractive, effective marketing materials under a tight deadline has helped us achieve unprecedented levels of customer commitment to our newest electronic test equipment.
– Motorola Manufacturing Solutions

Creativity! You exceed expectations for design ideas, concepts and get results!
– LuAnn Thoma Holec, owner Interior Design for large Senior Living projects

Customer Service, baby girl!!!!!! I call and you answer! Love it:)
– B H, Executive Assistant to CEO, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center

The Cricket Contrast provides me with creative design and production and delivers it on time. I can trust their commitment to quality and to the hospital and I appreciate that.
– Arrowhead Community Hospital