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  • Why the nautilus for our logo?

    The nautilus shell is one of the many shapes that represent the golden ratio. The uniqueness of the golden ratio is that it can be found in all living forms from the human skeleton to the order of sunflowers seeds. It is a symbol for the inner beauty of nature.

    The golden ratio is widely used in art, architecture and religious symbols. Artists like Da Vinci and Kandinsky used the golden mean in their works. The Guggenheim museum, planned by Frank Lloyd Wright, is shaped like the nautilus.

    Researchers have found that humans will consider a piece of art, architecture or even a human face beautiful if it possesses the golden ratio proportions.

    Also our tagline, inside the design, refers to all of the strategy and thoughtful work that goes into designing the successful projects we do for our clients.

    So what better representation of design?

    Give us a chance to show you what it means to do the work – inside the design.

  • What's up with the bugs?

    Why are there bugs all over our site? With a name like Cricket what would you expect?

    Did you know…

    • A bee has five eyes.
    • The ant has the largest brain in the animal kingdom, in proportion to its size.
    • A housefly beats its wings about 20,000 times per minute.
    • The average spider can travel up to 1.17 miles per hour.
    • The biggest dragonflies are South American giant damselflies with a wingspan up to 7 inches long.
    • There are 4,300 known species of ladybug in the world.

    We think bugs help the ‘world-go-round’ and we also think design is integral to every component in our personal and business lives. We are passionate about design and we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

  • Why The Cricket Contrast?

    From the smallest job to the largest, our focus is always on our clients’ success – from increasing their visibility and brand awareness to improving their bottom line.

    Our team has vast experience in the most critical aspects of successful marketing; powerful yet succinct writing for print, broadcast and the web; exceptionally effective graphic design for any media; and electronic wizardry that rises from being intimately familiar with state-of-the-art software and hardware for transforming our creative ideas from vision to reality.

    Creating Magic and Miracles through Marketing and Design is what we do.

  • How we start...

    We do an audit of your current marketing materials in order to determine if they are giving you the value you expect from the marketing dollars you are spending.

    Once the audit is done, we recommend marketing strategies based on your goals. Those strategies may include any or all of the following: brand management, design of corporate identity, corporate collateral, web site design, online, social media marketing and PR plans.

    Remember your brand is your stand in the world; don't cheat yourself out of profits by ignoring the one thing that starts you off on the right foot.

  • Industries we help...

    architecture, aviation, construction, development, education, government, high tech, interior design, manufacturing, medical/health care, non-profit/foundations, pharmaceutical, publishing, real estate, senior living, small businesses
  • Our promise to you...

    We promise to hear what you have to say.
    • We will listen with a critical ear to make sure we get what you are saying.
    • We will ask questions.
    • We will focus on your issues.

    We promise to recommend solutions.
    • Our solutions will be unique to you and/or your company.
    • Our solutions will respond to the identified goals.
    • Our solutions will expand your image.

    We promise to deliver.
    • We will deliver a product that will accurately communicate your message.
    • We will deliver a product that will get the desired results.
    • We will deliver a product that will elevate your company to a higher level.

    We promise to be fun to work with.
    • We will be attentive.
    • We will be responsive.
    • We will work hard to make you happy.

In the Spotlight

  • Customer Service, baby girl!! I call and you answer! Love it :)
    B H, Executive Assistant to CEO, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Creativity! You exceed expectations for design ideas, concepts and get results!
    LuAnn Thoma Holec, owner Interior Design for large Senior Living projects
  • Tlaquepaque is back on the map! I truly believe that our positive growth can be attributed to the new logos and new marketing pieces developed by The Cricket Contrast. Through your designs and finished products I have learned that every detail is important in completing the vision. You and your staff have gone above my expectations, I value your knowledge and your creativity.
    Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, Sedona, AZ
  • It isn’t hard to encapsulate 12 years of working with Cricket. What I value the most, even now, is her ability to see the infinite possibilities in any project. She draws the creative people we work with along to be more than we ever thought we could be. I am valued in the co-creative process and she always challenges me to think outside the box. She encourages constant learning and I find she is always stretching me beyond what I can do or know or create.
    Kelly Isola, Isola Ink
  • Your drive for perfection is relentless. Your talent for having a creative eye is unparalleled. Your professionalism and integrity is one-of-a-kind. Your process to deliver results is world class. The quality you deliver is second to none. You are fun and very enjoyable to work with.
    Richard Bear, owner Brown Bear Studios
  • Boutique firm that offers personalized service.  Very responsive.  As high quality as bigger shops, but not a ton of overhead.
    Rhian Evans Allvin, owner Brecon Group, Executive Director of First Things First
  • Number 1, years of experience. There are many companies out there who are espousing that they are a branding firm but do not have the skill set and knowledge base to back it up. Number 2, the number of companies you have helped brand themselves or rebrand their existing brand, Number 3, experience with Fortune 500 hundred companies, publicly traded companies, international and government entities. You speak their speak which is a language few understand.
    Teri James, owner PR firm